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2 hours ago
Grape Soda
Blacklist Sesh
Casto 2 hours ago
Shout out to my boy Ezone from B-Real TV and Flavors by Ezone for gifting me this Grape Soda flower.
budfolio_updates 2 hours ago
Welcome new Budfolio member @benhanney #newbud
GSmurf 5 hours ago
hey guys I'm back and have missed you all. Here's a lil look at what Casto and I have been up to. this is his Gorilla Glue from clone with new logo. super excited for this next year and sharing it with you. I hope you all have the best of holidays emojiemojiemoji
budfolio_updates 6 hours ago
Welcome new Budfolio member @GSmurf #newbud
KennyPowers99 6 hours ago
Starting to put some weight on.. #CanukCookies
Casto 21 hours ago
Dabbing on some Vader Extracts what are you all smoking???
Casto 1 day ago
Dabbing on some MC3 (Mint Chocolate Cherry Chip) grown by me Uglie Genetics and processed by Insane Extracts give us both a follow on IG.
Welcome new Budfolio member @brotherd #newbud
Welcome new Budfolio member @nsimm #newbud